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There cannot be routine and automatism in psychiatry. Every of our treatment strategies is a one-time recipe, which is re-invented every time.

The results of the in-depth examinations and the diagnostics are interpreted by the team of specialists. This same team is responsible for drawing the right conclusions and setting priorities in your treatment. On this basis, a personal holistic treatment strategy is developed per client, which also incorporates the optimal treatment duration, the private stationary living situation and other biopsychosocial aspects.

Each client is provided with a personal coach as a reference person for the entire duration of their stay. This coach of the same gender has a therapeutic background. They are responsible for supporting the therapy process and for adhering to the therapy plan around the clock. If unforeseeable new findings arise in the course of rehabilitation, the treatment strategy will be revised immediately.

With your individual weekly plan, put together by our team of experts, we will cater to you holistically (body and psyche) as a person. We will put a plan together for you that includes psychiatry and psychotherapy, orthomolecular medicine (treatment with vitamins, minerals and trace elements), alternative and complementary medicine as well as preventative, better ageing and lifestyle medicine.

To give you a better idea of how your treatment could be structured, we would like to demonstrate three possible personalised treatment paths using the treatment examples of Jane, Said and Natalija.