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Taking clients and their illnesses seriously does not only involve listening, being sensitive and sympathizing but also treating them consequently.

Our offer aims at personalities who seek a highly private, tailor-made rehabilitation program, in a luxurious and exclusive environment. We offer the utmost modern and state-of-the-art medicine in combination with premium hotel service and highest discretion.

Through our yearlong experience in the direct clinical work with international clients with different backgrounds like nobility, arts, politics, showbiz, sports, economy and science, we are aware of their specific needs. Professionally successful people with great responsibility also have great expectations.

The CALDA Concept is outside any health insurance scheme. Our clients are self-payers, which is the basis to enabling absolute discretion and privacy. The CALDA Concept is based on utmost respect for the personal integrity.

Any person can reach a point in their life at which it seems they can no longer go on or they face great challenges. Traumatising childhood experiences, losses, separations, psychological or physical abuse as well as chronic stress can all be reasons for developing fears, depression, burnout, addictions or eating disorders. Sleeping disorders, flashbacks, weight problems and serious health risks can result. As shame, guilt and helplessness are difficult to endure, addictive substances like alcohol, tablets and drugs are often used to suppress painful emotions and thoughts.

Our clients are proactive people holding high responsibility for themselves and others. Those who bring along the insight and motivation to take part in an efficient rehabilitation programme with a varied daily structure in an interested and engaged way will find the way back to quality of life within a short time. Our goal is to strengthen resilience.