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1. Entry and Treatment Duration
The treatment duration is usually four weeks or longer. Our one-week CALDA Programme for Specific Phobia constitutes the only exception. The day of entry and the minimum treatment duration are individually agreed between the institution and the client and regulated in a financial contract.

2. Contract and Code of Conduct
A treatment contract with Code of Conduct is to be signed upon admission. The client is obligated to comply with these.

3. Treatment and Stay Costs

  • The costs for a one-month CALDA Full Program are from CHF 320,000.
  • The costs for a one-month CALDA Post-Partum Depression Program are from CHF 360,000.
  • The costs for the seven-week CALDA Meets Africa program are from CHF 500,000.
  • The just one-week CALDA Specific Phobia Program costs from CHF 100,000.
    Our outpatient CALDA Orthomolecular Package costs from CHF 20,000.

You can find an overview of all CALDA programs here.

The costs do not include:

  • External hotel costs
  • Medical services provided by third-party institutes
  • Post-treatment programme

4. Payment Methods
The non-refundable deposit is 50% of the overall costs of the treatment and is to be transferred to the CALDA Clinic’s account within five days after signing the financial contract. The remaining payment is to be made to the same account two weeks at the latest before beginning treatment.

5. Premature Termination of Treatment
In the case of a premature termination of treatment, a reduced refund of the treatment fee, deducting the non-refundable deposit is made. The reduced refund of the treatment fee is limited to 50% of the paid fee per non-started week.

Swiss law of the Zurich canton exclusively applies. 

6. Bank details

Account holder
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CH-8700 Küsnacht

Schaffhauser Kantonalbank
Vorstadt 53
CH-8201 Schaffhausen
IBAN: CH85 0078 2008 2321 5010 1