Simon Feldhaus MD

Specialist in General Medicine

President of SSAAMP (Swiss Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention)

I am a Specialist in General Medicine and hold licences for phytotherapy and interventional pain therapy. While studying human medicine, I trained in complementary medicine and can thus draw on a wealth of experience in both medical fields. My parallel certification as a doctor and an alternative practitioner is unique in Switzerland.

I am in charge of the Centre for Medical Holistic Medicine at Paramed in Baar and am President of the SSAAMP (Swiss Society of Anti Ageing Medicine and Prevention), one of the largest professional scientific societies in Switzerland.

My therapy focuses lie in the fields of regulatory medicine, orthomolecular medicine, mitochondrial medicine, phytotherapy, complementary oncology, integrative sports care and health prevention. Within the psychiatry sector, I have been significantly involved in establishing a range of offers in clinics in Switzerland and regularly carry out supervisions in the field of complementary medicine within psychiatry.