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Christian Schopper MD

Christian Schopper MD

MHBA, Doctor of Neurology/Psychiatry/ Psychotherapy FMH, Doctor of anthroposophical medicine VAOAS

Dr. med. Christian Schopper is a specialist doctor for psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as for neurology.

Through his extensive work in teaching and research with numerous publications with focus on psycho-traumatology, neuro-psychology and schizophrenia he is an internationally recognized expert.

He shows extensive publication-, course and lecture activities nationally and internationally.

Dr. Schopper was head of the department for pain and neuro-traumatology at the University Hospital in Zurich and was head physician at the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich.

In the past years as a medical director he led the psychosomatic specialist clinic Sonneneck and the psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic Sonneneck in Badenweiler, Germany.

Dr. Schopper is a lecturer at the University Zurich, at the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich and for the Zurich WBG Medical Specialist Training. He is a consultant for neuro-rehabilitation at the Rafael Medical Centre in Tonbridge, England.

In Zurich he leads to private practices at the Zürichberg with the focus on psycho-traumatology, pain, integrative psychosomatics and anthroposophical medicine.

Otto Knes

Otto Knes


Otto Knes studied technical chemistry, with specialization on biochemistry, biotechnology and food chemistry at the Technical University of Graz, Austria. He is a forerunner in the area of molecular genetics and individualized supplements of micro nutrients for humans.

Mr. Knes led the laboratory of the Fachkulturhaus and the Training Centre Seeblick in Berlingen, Switzerland.

During this period, he developed preventive medical analysis methods. He was co-founder and managing director of the ABC Institute for applied biochemistry AG in Kreuzlingen in Switzerland.

Today he is co-founder and managing director of SwissAnalysis AG, a leading medical-biochemical laboratory for routine and special analytics. A focus of his current work is the development of analytical methods to determine analytes that form a valid basis for the recommendation of individualized micro nutrient recommendations. This includes a continuously updated selections of biological markers of the nutrition status, the exposition with nutrient ingredients as well as the metabolic homeostasis.

Mr. Knes has made numerous international scientific publications.

Jean-Claude Chalmet

Jean-Claude Chalmet

Jean-Claude started his career, in London as an oil broker in the 80’s before setting up his own independent oil broking company by the age of 25 in London. His company was very quickly acquired by Salomon Brothers (Phibro Energy – Energy Price Risk Management).

He went on to join a philanthropic foundation from 1993 with various interests in telecommunications. space and water transportation in a number of foreign countries.

In 1999 he decided to pursue his love in life, the understanding of the human mind, which took him on a six and a half year journey of learning with Athens’ leading psychiatrists, neurologists and family therapists, completing a Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy at ICH – London (teaching from King’s College in London) in 2003.

Jean-Claude established a thriving practice in London in 2003, working with other psychotherapists seeing 35-45 clients per week (individuals, couples and families) and has published around 20 features in the Saturday Times of London on issues concerning mental health, body & soul and ways forward for families, couples and individuals.

In 2015 he decided to realise his dream by setting up a retreat centre for psychotherapy and family therapy in combination with Kundalini and Tantra yoga in Bali, in order to help & assist individuals, couples and families in reaching their goals and to become the best version of themselves.

Jean-Claude is a regular public speaker, media contributor and podcaster on issues relating to mental health, emotional wellbeing and personal development.

Prof. Michael Heesen MD

Specialist in anesthesia and pain medicine

Professor Michael Heesen is a specialist in anesthesia specializing in pain therapy in Switzerland (certificate of proficiency in interventional pain medicine and psychosomatics) and in Germany.

In molecular biology work at Harvard University in Boston, he dealt with neurotransmitters of the inflammatory reaction, which play an essential role in the development of pain.

In addition to general pain symptoms such as back pain and headache, his focus is particularly on neuropathic pain. Another area of interest and research is the transition from postoperative pain to chronic pain, in which he primarily investigated the effect of regional anesthesia procedures. In addition, he works with experimental pain models. Another focus is pain-related sleep disorders. In addition to clinical studies, he has carried out Meta-analyzes and is considered an expert in evidence-based medicine.

His scientific work on pain therapy appears in top-class English-language specialist journals.

Professor Heesen is a member of the International Advisory Board of the British Anesthesia Society’s journal and is the content editor of the Cochrane Anesthesia Review Group.

He set up multimodal outpatient and inpatient pain therapy at a hospital in southern Germany and ran it for several years before starting work in Switzerland. These pain therapies were the first of their kind in southern Germany and becoming increasingly established in Switzerland.

Professor Heesen is the chief physician for anesthesia and pain medicine at the Baden Cantonal Hospital.