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How much do the CALDA treatment programs cost?

A treatment in the CALDA Clinic costs from CHF 124,000. The outpatient CALDA Orthomolecular Package costs CHF 32,000. For details see under Cost.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

No. Our prices include the entire primary treatment phase. For details see under Cost.

Can adolescents also be treated in the CALDA Clinic?

Yes, by prior arrangement with the Medical Director. CALDA Clinic works with the Association of Swiss Boarding Schools and Private Schools. If you wish, our subject teachers can put together an individual teaching program during your stay, which becomes part of the weekly schedule.

How long does a treatment at the CALDA Clinic last?

With the exception of the CALDA Specific Phobia Program, the primary treatment phase lasts at least 4 weeks. Depending on the underlying disease, however, a stay of 6 to 12 weeks has usually proven to be beneficial. This will be decided together with you during the course of treatment.

What happens after leaving the CALDA Clinic?

After the primary treatment phase, we recommend a secondary treatment phase in the form of Continuing Care, which is tailored to your individual needs and can take place even at your home. This guarantees long-term, sustainable treatment success and the transfer to everyday life is optimally supported. This follow-up treatment can last from a few weeks to several months. For the regular adjustment of the CALDA micronutrient mixture, key parameters must be checked in the laboratory after a given time.

How does the admission process work?

We value an uncomplicated recording. If someone is in an acute emergency, the administration should be kept as low as possible. Ultimately, the medical director decides on admission. There is no need for a transfer letter or a personal appearance in advance. Direct contact with you or your personal assistant or someone you trust is sufficient. Ideally, there should be at least 2 weeks between definitive registration (treatment contract signed by both parties, deposit advance payment) and entry.

How quickly can I enter, is there a waiting list?

We only look after one client at a time. As a rule, however, we are able to provide admission within a maximum of two weeks. Of course, emergency admissions are sometimes unavoidable, which we can of course guarantee. A treatment contract signed by both parties and the deposit advance payment are required in any case.

Which languages can CALDA cover?

In theory, any language. We have already had the best experience with specialists integrated in the CALDA team with the respective native language in demand and the corresponding translation. Our main language is English as it is most requested by our international clientele.

Where will I live during treatment?

You live absolutely discreetly in one of our luxurious CALDA residences on the gold coast of Zurich.

Can I also have the treatment in a hotel or in my own villa?

In principle, the therapy in the hotel is possible, but discretion and privacy are never as given as in the CALDA residence. The quality of the diet depends on the kitchen of the house, and the presence of a bar is a great temptation for some clients. Our treatments are generally carried out with alcohol abstinence, even if the reason is not an addiction. This is very important for the detoxification of your metabolism. In terms of the premises, the accommodation of the personal coach in a separate room with a connecting door and private bathroom as well as at least one quiet treatment room are a basic requirement for us. We therefore recommend booking a large suite. In terms of a villa, it should also have a corresponding infrastructure and size of at least 250 m2. Of course, there are numerous distractions here too, such as from everyday life, family, work that can have an adverse effect on the duration of treatment and the success of the treatment. The prices for the hotel are not included in our costs. We recommend “The Dolder Grand” or the “Bürgenstock Resort”. CALDA will check the feasibility in advance. We would be happy to make you a personal offer.

Can I save costs through treatment in a hotel or in a villa?

No. On the contrary, the treatment becomes more expensive. The cost of luxury accommodation is only a tiny part of our prices. A nice ambience is a decorative accessory, but of secondary importance for the optimal success of the treatment. CALDA’s human resources are our capital. The professionalism and high quality of our CALDA team and the treatment procedures used within the CALDA Concept are indispensable. If the treatment does not take place in our residences, the logistical and financial effort usually increases many times over. On the top of that there are the not inconsiderable costs for a large hotel suite, which usually start at around CHF 5,000 per night, with no upper limit. These costs are not included in our prices.

Can family members live with me?

No. For primary intensive care, you should be taken out of family dynamics. You need to be able to concentrate fully on your recovery. From the second half of the treatment onwards, we strongly recommend that you include important caregivers in terms of system therapy. Family meetings, couples meetings, parent-child meetings, etc. are held. These are usually planned over a long weekend so that the permanent presence of family members is not necessary.

Can I work during treatment?

Our clients are often important public figures, entrepreneurs, etc. We understand that it is sometimes imperative to be able to hold meetings or to oversee the business from a distance. This is of course possible after consultation, only if the therapies do not suffer.

What will happen, if I cannot travel to Zurich on my own?

If you wish, a member of our CALDA team will of course pick you up at home and accompany you to the CALDA Clinic. We will also help you with the entry formalities. Traveling in a private jet can be of considerable advantage and makes the flight much more comfortable and uncomplicated. We will gladly make you an offer.