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CALDA Concept

In the CALDA Clinic, we treat our clients according to the CALDA Concept. We place the focus on the consistent personalisation of medical care. This is why we are striking new paths for developing individual therapy programs.

Psychiatry has to open up to the entire established medical world. The combination of field-tested and scientifically profound methods from conventional medicine, complementary medicine and Asian medicine in many cases leads to extraordinary results within short time. One of the keys to this success is, that these methods are summarised into personalised and holistic concepts by including the most current molecular and epigenetic insights.

Wherever possible, we work without the use of psychiatric drugs.
We treat the causes, not the symptoms.
We dedicate our time and our entire expertise exclusively to one single client.

The CALDA Concept is a holistic approach across multiple disciplines. It includes innovative treatment strategies for overcoming phenomena such as trauma, addiction, stress, ageing, etc. In addition to the psyche, we also treat the body: Metabolic syndrome, liver steatosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity and much more. In the case of organ transplants, cancer illnesses or other individual, extensive challenges, we work closely and coordinate with the treating specialists.

We invest a lot of know-how and time in comprehensive, interdisciplinary diagnostics as the foundation for proceeding further and personal treatment.

For this reason, the extensively designed diagnostics system and the interpretation of the results by an interdisciplinary, international team of experts are placed at the centre. The team of experts then develop a personal, creative treatment strategy for each client, which draws on all proven formulas of integrative medicine.

With the CALDA Concept, we place the focus on the consistent personalisation of medical care through the multi-dimensional diagnostics system and work out individual therapy programs. As such, immediately after your arrival, you undergo an internal check-up in our private partner clinic Bethanian lasting one to three days.

Along with detailed psychiatric diagnostics, we perform a comprehensive clinical-chemical analysis and a targeted genetic analysis to determine your current status and personal risk profile for the most prominent chronic illnesses. During the genetic analysis, we analyse over 30 gene sections. We determine the genetic predisposition, that is, the risk factors for obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer or diabetes mellitus. We also determine your metabolisation type.

Using these comprehensive diagnostics tailored to you, we are able to offer you a treatment concept individually adapted for you.

We take a critical stance towards the common practice in psychiatry of the non-critical and sometimes premature prescription of psychiatric drugs. Our specialists from psychiatry and psychotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, alternative and complementary medicine as well as prevention, better ageing and lifestyle medicine work without the use of psychiatric drugs, where possible. For that reason, we wean off medication where possible to see what is behind it. This is because: Treating only the acute symptoms is proven to be ineffective.

The CALDA Concept exists outside of health insurance schemes. Our clients are self-payers, which ensures that absolute discretion and secrecy are possible in the first place. If you would like to know more about the CALDA Concept, please contact us personally.

In the following, we will introduce you to the different CALDA programs that we offer.

CALDA Full Program
CALDA Postpartum Depression Program
CALDA Meets Africa Program
CALDA Specific Phobia Program
CALDA Orthomolecular Package




Feel free to contact us. A personal, half-hour consultation with Dr. Ing. Claudia M. Elsig via Skype costs CHF 750.-. In this interview we talk about your challenges and which CALDA program is the right one for you. Please fill out the form below and the credit card details. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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