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CALDA Clinic

Welcome to the website for the CALDA Clinic. My name is Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig and I am the Director of the Institution.

The CALDA Clinic is a private, owner-operated facility specialising in rehabilitation programs for mental health. Our offer is aimed at international, exclusive figures looking for a private rehabilitation programme tailored to them in a luxurious environment. 

Absolute discretion, trust and humanity take top priority with us and we offer individual counselling and state-of-the-art psychiatry. The unique CALDA Concept, our team and our highly qualified network of experts guarantee tailored precision medicine and individual one-to-one premium support. Our CALDA programs have a duration of at least four weeks and start from CHF 320,000.
The value of this considerable effort for you directly exists in retaining your most important capital – your intellectual and physical health.
The CALDA Concept exists outside of health insurance schemes. Our clients are self-payers, which ensures that absolute discretion and secrecy are possible in the first place. The CALDA Concept is based on the utmost respect of personal integrity.

Our residences are located in Switzerland, by Lake Zurich near the city of Zurich. Considered a centre of first-class medicine, Switzerland is one of the most secure countries in the world and politically neutral. 

On the next pages, you can find out more about the CALDA Clinic, our unique CALDA Concept and how we can assist you further with a treatment individually tailored to you. We will be happy to provide you with further information in person.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig

Core Team and Partners

The CALDA Clinic as well as the CALDA Concept live on innovative ideas as well as the personalities and partners behind them. The team around Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig and Dr. med. Simon Feldhaus will support you on your path together with our partners. 

We work together with the best private clinics in Switzerland such as the Privatklinik Bethanien as well as the Institute for Naturopathy.

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Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig


My name is Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig. I am the Director of the CALDA Clinic. The demands I place on myself and my work are the highest level of professionalism paired with authenticity and efficiency.

With more than 20 years of professional experience, I possess in-depth knowledge in the field of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic medicine. I completed my studies at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich, before going on to complete different training programmes within the field of progressive, evidence-based, psychotherapeutic methods over the course of many years. Following this, I specialised in psychotraumatology. After developing a deep interest in the consequences of mental and physical trauma and chronic stress such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, borderline personality disorder, depression and eating disorder, I wanted to help these people individually, holistically and long term. On my path to becoming a multi-specialist, I sought out the best mentors in Europe in the fields of behavioural therapy, hypnosis, EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), orthomolecular medicine, genetics and genetic consulting, with a focus on addiction, depression and anxiety disorders.

For years, I was in charge of the special consultation for clinical hypnosis at a private clinic in Zurich. In recent years, I have acquired in-depth knowledge about all kinds of addictions and their consequences. I founded the CALDA AG in 2004 and developed a separate integrative treatment concept for psychological illnesses. Today, I manage the CALDA Clinic for stationary clients by Lake Zurich and a psychiatric-psychotherapeutic practice for outpatient clients in Zollikon.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig

Dr. med. Simon Feldhaus


I am a Specialist in General Medicine and hold licences for phytotherapy and interventional pain therapy. While studying human medicine, I trained in complementary medicine and can thus draw on a wealth of experience in both medical fields. My parallel certification as a doctor and an alternative practitioner is unique in Switzerland.

I am in charge of the Centre for Medical Holistic Medicine at Paramed in Baar and am President of the SSAAMP (Swiss Society of Anti Ageing Medicine and Prevention), one of the largest professional scientific societies in Switzerland.

My therapy focuses lie in the fields of regulatory medicine, orthomolecular medicine, mitochondrial medicine, phytotherapy, complementary oncology, integrative sports care and health prevention. Within the psychiatry sector, I have been significantly involved in establishing a range of offers in clinics in Switzerland and regularly carry out supervisions in the field of complementary medicine within psychiatry.

Curriculum Vitae Dr. med. Simon Feldhaus


Absolute discretion, trust and humanity take first priority with us. Naturally, this also applies for our luxurious, private residences that allow our clients to switch off in peace and be treated.

Our residences are situated in an elevated, peaceful and preferential location on the so-called Gold Coast, on the right shore of Lake Zurich and feature a divine panoramic view of Lake Zurich and the Swiss Mountains. The spacious premises invite you to recuperate as well as recover both body and soul. 

Of course, you can also benefit from one of the numerous partner luxury hotels in the region, such as The Dolder Grand, which likewise guarantee absolute discretion. Enquire with us and benefit from our award-winning relations. 

Your personal service team will be available for you during your stay. This includes a private butler and chef, interpreter and chauffeur. 

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The Calda Clinic does not recognise any references. Discretion is one of our top rules. Furthermore, we do not confirm or comment on any word-of-mouth advertising and do not keep any client lists. We do not publish any letters of gratitude or recommendation, even if we have consent to do so. We do not even publish any letters of gratitude anonymously, as the content could be falsified. In our case examples under the heading Calda Way, we describe fictitious examples that could occur in practice.

Switzerland is well-known for its reserve, discretion and safety. Our provisions are accordingly consistent. Our security and discretion concept is based on the following obligations and measures:

1. The team of doctors are subject to professional confidentiality. (Swiss Criminal Code Article 321, Health Act Articles 27 and 28)

2. All internal and external employees have to sign a Code of Conduct, which includes a duty of absolute confidentiality towards third parties. The careful selection, respectful treatment and good remuneration of all team members contribute to fulfilling this duty in the best way.

3. Since our clients are self-payers, no files are created with third-party societies such as health insurance companies.

4. Electronic correspondence is encrypted through an IT security concept. 

5. Our VIP pick-up service guarantees anonymity.

6. Each client is free to admit themselves under their own name or a pseudonym.

7. The medical records are encrypted and stored in a locked place.

8. The place where our clients are staying is kept secret from third parties. 


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Feel free to contact us. A personal, half-hour consultation with Dr. Ing. Claudia M. Elsig via Skype costs CHF 750.-. In this interview we talk about your challenges and which CALDA program is the right one for you. Please fill out the form below and the credit card details. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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