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An incognito stay is the best precondition for an optimum development of therapy.

The CALDA Clinic does not recognise any references. Discretion is one of our top rules. Furthermore, we do not confirm or comment on any word-of-mouth advertising and do not keep any client lists. We do not publish any letters of gratitude or recommendation, even if we have consent to do so. We do not even publish any letters of gratitude anonymously, as the content could be falsified. In our case examples under the heading CALDA Way, we describe fictitious examples that could occur in practice.

Switzerland is well-known for its reserve, discretion and safety. Our provisions are accordingly consistent. Our security and discretion concept is based on the following obligations and measures:

  • The team of doctors are subject to professional confidentiality. (Swiss Criminal Code Article 321, Health Act Articles 27 and 28)
  • All internal and external employees have to sign a Code of Conduct, which includes a duty of absolute confidentiality towards third parties. The careful selection, respectful treatment and good remuneration of all team members contribute to fulfilling this duty in the best way.
  • Since our clients are self-payers, no files are created with third-party societies such as health insurance companies.
  • Electronic correspondence is encrypted through an IT security concept.
  • Our VIP pick-up service guarantees anonymity.
  • Each client is free to admit themselves under their own name or a pseudonym.
  • The medical records are encrypted and stored in a locked place.
  • The place where our clients are staying is kept secret from third parties.