Sybille Binder

Head of Orthomolecular Nutrition

Graduate Nutritionist FH and Vital Substances Therapist

With her Institute for Integrative Natural Medicine Ms Sybille Binder is the specialist for nutrition and micro nutrient therapy. She has various continuing education in the area of nutrition science, complementary nutrition and medicine in Switzerland and abroad.

She has further educated herself in humanities in Germany and in Switzerland.

For many years Ms Binder has worked as a freelance nutritionist with the focus on prevention within the private industry. She became popular through several media appearances.

Her main interest lies in the subtle and complex connections between nutrition, metabolism and psyche. By the means of nutrition, supplements and phytotherapeutic agents patients can be supported in their complexity in a more sustainable way than generally assumed.

The basics of her therapeutic concept is the salutogenetic approach, building on the resources of the other.


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1981- 1983

Culinary Training

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1984- 1987

Education for Graduate Nutritionist HF at the University Clinic Zurich, Nurse school Zurich, SV Service

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1887- 1990

Work at the KSA (Canton Clinic Zurich), Focus on gastroenterology and Oncology

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1988- 1994

Planning and execution of nutrition projects of a national / canton prevention foundation (AEGS)

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Freelance work as graduate nutritionist with focus on prevention and educational work in the area of civilization diseases. Collaboration in SWICA and support in building up SWICA health centres.

Regular media presence in national health shows on the topic of nutrition

Lecturer at various colleges

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Takeover and management of the school for applied Natural Medicine Zurich

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Management of the Centre for Nutrition Medicine and Vital Substances Therapy in Zurich

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Relaunch of school and centre in the Institute for Integrative Natural Medicine with campus and centre

Training and continuing education

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Abroad stay in the USA, further training in Macrobiotics in Dallas and Los Angeles

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1988- 1992

Further training in the area of anthroposophical nutrition in Bad Liebenzell and Dornach, whole food nutrition at the University Giessen

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Education for Graduate Vital Substances Therapist at Bé Mäder and further training in orthomolecular medicine OM Cycle at Ebipharm in Zurich

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Education for 5 Elements Nutrition and Chinese diet in Zurich and Walzenhausen

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Traineeship after self-study of the nutrition orientation in the Ayurweda Clinic in Walzenhausen and at Dr. med. Rhyner

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Further education in process oriented psychology (POP) at Arny Mindel in Zurich

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Since 2004

Intensive analysis of neuro sciences, quantum physics and humanities

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Further training for recognition of qualifications FH

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Education lymph drainage in Zurich and Germany

Further education in dark-field microscopy


  • SVDE (Swiss association of graduate Nutritionists)
  • SSAAMP (Swiss association for anti-aging medicine and prevention)
  • IG TEN (Associated companies for traditional European natural medicine)