Dr. h.c. Oliver Di Paolo

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Graduate business economist & accredited business consultant
Diploma in Business Administration Industry and Trade IHK
Medical assistant & various therapeutic education

Oliver Di Paolo is CEO of CALDA Clinic. He provides information about the CALDA Concept in a non-binding initial consultation. He is the confidential contact person for our clients’ personal concerns and a neutral communicator between them and the treatment team. His main tasks include management in general, as well as administration, quality management and the representation of our highly private institution.

His professional positions were varied and extremely entertaining. Always new and inquisitive as well as committed, he founded the “German Aesthetic Surgery Working Group”. This happened in Munich when he was a student, together with a doctor for plastic surgery in the mid-1990s. The most well-known surgeons with an international reputation, especially from the USA and South America, came to Germany as lecturers for surgical courses. This was at a time when aesthetic medicine and surgery were still in their infancy in Europe. At that time, he also played a decisive role in merging classic dermatology with care cosmetics. From this, aesthetic dermatology and medical cosmetics developed and established in Germany and throughout Europe.

In all of his professional activities, he always combined his business base with his medical and therapeutic expertise, as well as with his passion for innovative medicine, science, psychology and aesthetics.

His impressive curriculum vitae reflects his versatility, future-oriented focus and passionate commitment.

He took on responsible projects for global corporations, held management positions at the most exclusive addresses and led an international research project. As a personal assistant to well-known luminaries, he supported and promoted their work, which was also impressively reported in documentaries and other media. Fascinating, prominent personalities give him the greatest trust.

Through his own biography and partly also through his private environment, he is familiar with the mental difficulties and mostly unusual life situations and living conditions of UHNWIs. Therefore, in his opinion, the therapeutic team must have the necessary life experience, the understanding and the corresponding foresight in dealing with this exclusive group of people.