Andy Denk

Head of Butlers and Personal Chefs


Mr. Andy Denk manages Europe’s most exclusive butler school, which is located in an Austrian castle and has been integrated into the life of the aristocratic family residing there. With his job traditionally originating in England, he is one of the last butlers and feels greatly revered being approached for this honorable position. The butler is still the calling card of an upscale household. It is a status symbol and an object of prestige. Educated, reserved, discreet and self-determined, he combines old traditions with new values.

Since the establishment of the CALDA Clinic, Mr. Denk has worked here exclusively as head butler and is responsible for training and introducing butlers and cooks to the CALDA Concept, as well as holistic, personalized nutrition and orthomolecular medicine as part of the catering. Whenever possible, he takes on this task personally and with the greatest passion. Mr. Denk speaks five languages fluently, so it is easy for him to serve and care for the international clientele of CALDA Clinic.

Colloquially, in some 5-star hotels, an assigned service staff is often referred to as a butler, which is unfortunately misleading; it gives a false image of the butler and falsifies it. However, a real butler is much more – he not only reads the client’s wishes from the eyes, but also senses needs before they are even noticed by the client himself. He is courteous, attentive, forward thinking and always confident. He solves problems for the client, is moral support, often confidential and highly discreet contact person and has an extremely extensive general education and extensive cultural knowledge. The butler masters all common but also culturally different rules of behavior.

Andy Denk was born in Berlin. He grew up in a family of psychologists and has lived in Switzerland for many decades. He has been a butler since 1993. Until today, his clients include European aristocratic families, high-ranking business people, international politicians, greats from the world of sport and other well-known personalities. He gained his extensive professional experience all over the world.