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Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Certificate of proficiency in Addiction Medicine

Dr. med. Steinhoff is a psychiatrist at CALDA Clinic. He grew up in a medical family that can look back on several generations of doctors. Already in childhood, he developed a particular interest in psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Alexander Steinhoff is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy and a German specialist in general medicine. Over more, he has a certificate of proficiency in addiction medicine.

As the medical director of an innovative Zurich day-care hospital for people with mental health problems and substance abuse, he was responsible for intensive psychotherapeutic treatment with further outpatient treatment.

He has extensive experience in the field of consultant and liaison psychiatry as well as in psychosomatics. During his further training, he also gained advanced knowledge in emergency medicine and neurosurgery. He completed a substantial part of his psychotherapeutic training at the renowned Grawe Institute in Zurich.

His psychotherapeutic focus is on clinical hypnosis, motivational interviewing and intensive short time dynamic psychotherapy.

As part of the completely individualized treatment of the privileged CALDA Concept, he can ideally apply his comprehensive psychiatric and psychotherapeutic skills. His knowledge of general medicine completes holistic aspects, particularly in the area of psychophysiological clinical pictures.

Dr. med. Steinhoff complements the CALDA team wonderfully with its specific know-how. Our clients appreciate very much his extremely sensitive and understanding manner as well as high level of professionalism.