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In just one week, you will be liberated from your fears! This program is advisable and highly-effective with isolated, specific phobia.

Specific phobia is an anxiety disorder with continual fear of an object, location or a situation, whereby the perception of a threat or danger is disproportionate to the fear-inducing factor. The affected individual tries vehemently to avoid the fear-inducing situation. If this is not possible, an immediate and uncontrollable anxiety reaction results, which can develop into a panic attack. These irrational fears and reactions go hand in hand with an impairment to social and professional life.

Costs per person for one week: CHF 156,000.

Diagnostics and Treatment

In Psychiatric Diagnostics, we ascertain your mental state, your personal as well as social anamnesis (medical history) and your addiction and family anamnesis.

Based on these comprehensive diagnostics, we are able to offer you a treatment individually tailored to you:

Neuroscientists have established an abnormal hyperactivation in the risk response among anxiety patients. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has proven successful in down-regulating the response to threats. It is the first-choice therapy. Another effective form of therapy is exposure in sensu, a form of desensitisation. With this, you can confront the fear in a safe environment.

The combination of both procedures is the most effective way to treat specific phobias.

A personal coach will live with you 24/7 during the entire week. The therapeutic program comprises six to eight hours a day, seven days a week and is structured as follows:

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

  • Fear management
  • Diagnostics
  • Intensive psychotherapy with confrontation in vivo and in sensu (CBT, VRET: EMDR, clinical hypnosis)- Psychoeducation
  • Stress management

Orthomolecular Medicine

  • Amino acids, minerals and vitamins from the first day
  • Personal lifestyle coaching

Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Aside from classic conventional medicine, there are a range of traditional medicinal and therapy worlds. As an advocate of integrative medicine, we have expanded our range of measures with proven and successful formulas from alternative and complementary medicine. The most successfully implemented treatment elements are the following:

  • Acupressure, acupuncture
  • Alpha stimulation
  • Manual therapies
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Personal training
  • Yoga

In our luxurious and private residences, you can switch off in peace, recuperate and be treated. A premium full service with butler, chef and limousine service is included.

You can find further information on the residences here.

For the one-week CALDA Specific Phobia Program, we charge you CHF 156,000 per week and person.
External hotel costs, medical services by third-party institutes and post-treatment programs are not included.

Should you have any questions or uncertainty, we will be happy to help you at any time.

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